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The Academy Of Entertainment arts is a Magnet program at Dixie Hollins High School all about preparing students for the entertainment industry. From music production, to game design, to filmmaking!

Music Tech -----------------

The Show 2019 Shirt Design.png

THE SHOW is a annual multi-media concert put on by the music tech students of the AEA with help from the film, theater, special effects branches! All the music, graphics, and story are 100% by the students!

Below are some tracks I worked on myself for the first two runs of The Show! Enjoy!

----------------- 2D Animation

The Pastels

This is an animated short I worked for several months on at Dixie Hollins High School at The Academy of Entertainment Arts. It was entered in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. It won a Gold Key award in Film & Animation and I am glad to be able to present to you the product presented!


I did the art, voice acting, and music for this animation. If I were to ever do more with this IP, I plan to make the animation cleaner, get more voice actors for the characters, and maybe aim this towards a general audience.

The Show Shorts (Interviews)

What happens when an ambitious teacher assigns an entire class of highschoolers to make a completely original multimedia concert? Lowkey chaos...


The Show Shorts are small skit-based looks into the behind the scenes of THE SHOW 2018 in a "The Office" style. Enjoy the slightly wild misadventures of Dr. Stefanic, Jade, Aleigha, Jasper, Sidney, Toby, Zach, Arin, Eoin, Jake, and more from behind the scenes of THE SHOW 2018 with these Office Styled snippets.

Contour Capers

When my teacher pressures me into completing an animatic over the weekend, I take the chance to try something new! A fight scene!

The premise? The triangle guy (ISLASHolece) is trying to steal a diamond, but the "Heroic" blue rectangle (REKTangle) steps in to stop him. And so the fight ensues!

Fantasy Dixie (Animatic)

Fantasy Dixie is a fictional property based off the idea of taking everyone I know at my highschool and placing them into a Fantasy setting. It will follow 5 main characters. Jacob the (WIP), Mikayla The Warrior, Logan The Cowboy, Eoin The Knight, and Patrica The Witch on their journey to find a wishing star. The pilot will take place at basically random place as it's just a taste of what the characters would be like. An introduction to their world and dynamic.


The pilot was planned to be 12 minutes.


A cute little song about a small OS pondering why her owner stopped using her and sharing photos with her... Was there something wrong with her?

I've probably been working on this animation/lyric video/original song for maybe a month or two now??? I tried to sprinkle in a lot of detail in it. Like dates and times, specific programs and objects that give clues to some of the characters and their background. And even some foreshadowing????

Reboot Me has won awards such as Scholastics Art & Writing Golden Key, PAEA Award of Merit, and been screened at the Gasperilla Film Festival as a finalist!

Snip Snip Snip. Mweehehehehe.


I had been working on this animation for like 2 weeks, excluding the face the script was completed at least a week or two before that. I think it came out okay :D

2D Animation Bumper

We were assigned to make bumpers for certain branches of the AEA and I did one for 2D Animation!

Game Design -----------------

This is footage from the short game "The Pawn" I built for game design class. You can shield, attack, run, and defeat enemies. You have to defeat everyone to proceed. It won an award at the Semmy's.

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