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A cute little song about a small OS pondering why her owner stopped using her and sharing photos with her... Was there something wrong with her?

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"Gold Key" in Film & Animation at the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards!

Extended Film Festival Edition

This was the slightly extended version of the music video that was entered into competition. It gives you more time to see the owner's desk and even lets you see it years later at the tail end of the video!

This video was inspired by a mix of Hello World and Vocaloid. One day I might show some of the super early concepts, because it was verryyyy different when I started working on this!

Eleanor Forte.png

Singing Voice:

Eleanor Forte

with Synthesizer V

EleOS Character Sheet.png
Ele.OS Model Sheet (Created for "How I Built Ele.OS In 3D!"

Ele.OS' design draws from many sources! Including Vivi from Mystery Skulls, the little robot from Hello World, and even a little bit from Eleanor Forte herself!

The entire concept of Reboot Me derived from knowing that virtual singing voices existing. I wanted to play with the concept of a sentient computer singing akin to Hello World, but I didn't just want to do a second Hello World... Glancing at the 2 old laptops I abandoned because they became inert, the concept hit me right as I was writing the lyrics and notes for Eleanor to sing!


There was a draft where Ele.OS' owner also sang in the song, but both for the sake of time and story focus, I chose to exclude her, making Reboot Me a solo song for Ele.OS

Other Videos With Ele.OS

VIRI Stationary.png

Erifovmg Ivwrivxg


So we all know Ele.OS has been dealing with memory and glitch issues... but have you been wondering what's been causing it? VIRI reveals that and more in her debut song "So Open" c:

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