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Demo Medley

Fantasy Dixie (Full Demo Medly) - Jake Sloan
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Fantasy Dixie is a fictional property based off the idea of taking everyone I know at my highschool and placing them into a Fantasy setting. It will follow 5 main characters. Jacob the (WIP), Mikayla The Warrior, Logan The Cowboy, Eoin The Knight, and Patrica The Witch on their journey to find a wishing star. The pilot will take place at basically random place as it's just a taste of what the characters would be like. An introduction to their world and dynamic.


The pilot is so far planned to be 12 minutes and is currently half way thumbed for the first draft. The voices are being recorded, music has been concepted and just needs to be implemented, and Animation will hopefully start during the summer. It's a larger project but I'm confident it's possible.

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Character Bios

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