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About ~ The Show Shorts (Interviews) ~


What happens when an ambitious teacher assigns an entire class of highschoolers to make a completely original multimedia concert? Lowkey chaos... The Show Shorts are small skit-based looks into the behind the scenes of THE SHOW 2018 in a "The Office" style. Enjoy the slightly wild misadventures of Dr. Stefanic, Jade, Aleigha, Jasper, Sidney, Toby, Zach, Arin, Eoin, Jake, and more from behind the scenes of THE SHOW 2018 with these Office Styled snippets.

Voices: Jake - Arin, Jade, Jake, Zach, Thomas, Dr. Stefanic, Emily, Dominick, Sab, Thomas, Micboomguy, Mr. Cassidy, and Himself Sidney, Toby, Jasper, Aleigha, Eoin, Lav, Lucy, Alexandra, Mikayla - as themselves Endcard Song: THE SHOW Theme song (reprise) - remixed by Sidney Wright


I had to get this project greenlit by my animation teacher so I could work on it in that class for both Music Tech and 2D Animation. She said she'd consider it if I made a pitch bible addressing these specific requirements. So that weekend I knocked out a pitch bible! The final thing ended up being way different since it was originally pitched like a series of bumpers, but she wanted a short with a slightly more cohesive story. So the Office style was adopted to tie the shenanigans together better and a most of the scenes were completely rewritten or written out!

The Show Shorts


The Original Pitch Bible

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