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/Hug Me (Feat. @JuKayVid & @Chi-chi ) 【 Come and Learn with Pibby FAN SONG】

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After every long adventure, there’s always the difficult goodbye! Sing with Pibby and Bun Bun as they say farewell! Until the next episode of L̸̋̃ë̴͌a̷̎́r̷̋͒n̴̋̃î̷̾n̵̨̉g̵̾̒ ̶̈̔w̵͂́ḯ̵̺t̷̊͐h̷̉͗ ̸̠̅P̷͑̋ī̷̃b̶̋̔b̵́͗ȳ̴͌ỷ̸̓y̷̹͌y̵̋́y̵̏̚y̴͐̋y̶̾͂y̵̐̅ẏ̷͋y̴͗͆ÿ̷͗ͅy̷̓̒ÿ̵́̆y̴̿̓d̴̐́g̶̎̃t̴̐̀/////////////://///////://…/////////////.:/.////////////22//(:/).(.////////////////////////

Oz'y cuxqotm znoy zosk, YZGZOI! Ck'xk xkginotm znks!

Jut'z cuxxe, yuut ck'rr hk ghrk zu ygbk oz grr! Hxotm oz grr hgiq! Qkkv znks yglk! Znkxk corr hk tu muujheky!



Director/Lead Artist & Animator/Composer/Editor/Story


Pibby VA/Singer


Bun Bun VA/Singer


Illustrator/Background Artist

Erick Animations

Illustrator/Animator/Rig Artist



Mx Bunntastic





Mixing & Mastering

Misc. Voices

Retorujon, LuckiiBoo, Kenneth, ethan beme, itisiegg, AngelDthe1,LunariesCh_Bee, Gabe_VA, J.M Loreto, Stingus Bingus, AKinereader,

strivingmonster, Broken_Chillz, MrCatFR, AshishX9, BonoanAnything,

MAnimingo, taijonandrade, Kingdom25, dicerollball, Meta Bro, DHowdahCemilio


Happy 1st Anniversary to the Come Learn With Pibby short! Kinda crazy that’s it been a year since then 😳 I remember when I came across Out of context clips of it and it terrified me legitimately. And then I watched the whole pilot and was immediately fixated. Such an impact that I’ve made quite a lot of music and animation based on it. And you guys seemed to be obsessed alongside men Cant let the anniversary just go by without something special, so me and a few other team members on /Pibby prepared this video for you!

The song has actually been in production for almost a year as well, I wrote this track not too long after hearing “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” and wanted to apply some of my favorite themes from that video to Pibby. We even got the singer from that video too, so it’s all full circle! A lot of the skeleton of this song has stayed vastly the same, but everything around it has evolved so much. Hope you guys have fun digging into the chunk of the story revealed if you look into the video closely 👀👀👀


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Emilly Vitoria
Emilly Vitoria
Jun 16, 2023



Ashton Mayorquin
Ashton Mayorquin
Apr 06, 2023

I need your help to make a mod please

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