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Jakeneutron does the Trailer Music for Amphibia Season 3 Trailer!



So near the end of July, Matt Braly approached me in twitter DMs asking if I wanted to do the music for the season 3 trailer. I was in the middle of cleaning the house with my family and obviously kept my cool… by jumping up and down screaming YES YES YES!!

Through further discussion with him and more of his team, we worked out how it was gonna sound and I even got to invite some music friends onto the project! Fretzl was someone I always loved working with when I needed some guitar to spice up a track so messaged him soon after getting the project confirmed. And when we were trying to figure out what to do vocal wise I suggested we get my friend Chi-Chi to sing! Which Matt totally agreed!

Back and forth for about two months as we hammered away at the remix and here we are! At some point I suggested that I wanted to make an extended version of the trailer remix as a full track, so now we have this heehee!

Hope you enjoy!

Jakeneutron - Music Production & Animation

Chi-Chi - Vocalist

Fretzl - Guitarist

JGlazey - Video Editing

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