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All The Scenes I Animated for @RecD ‘s WEEK 7 WITH LYRICS

My friend Glazey and I were commissioned by RecD to animate a scene in his Week 7 With Lyrics video! we split up the shots and these are all the ones I did character animation for! With both rigs using assets from the original game & custom assets! 


It was a very fun collaborative project, tbh!

Kiss Me (Kill Me) || Pibby Fan Animation

This was an animation made impulsively in a day because I was obsessed with making an idea in my head visible. It's mostly rough animation that lets the weight and acting make up for the lack of cleanup. Rough animation is fun!

Friday Night Funkin':Vs Oswald (DEMO)

A passion project I was working on behind the scenes that received a lot more attention than I was expecting.

Oswald is one of my favorite characters ever, and because Friday Night Funkin' is a community based game with a heavy focus on music & animation, I had been wanting to do a mod based on him for a while!

I did all the new music, all the Oswald sprites, and all the new logo art for this mod! past this first demo, I've started working with a team, everything new that was in the initial demo was worked on by me!

Build-A-B*tch (Animation Meme)

Once I started getting into Friday Night Funkin' my efficiency with Adobe Animate continued to improve once i learned techniques with Layer Parenting! So i got to practice using loops with uniquely keyframed parts attached!

People seemed to also dig this animation too so, that's fun!

Freaking Out (Original Animation Meme)

So I continued to test out the new Adobe Animate update, despite the new tools making the program even more useful and powerful... it's still a glitchy mess that forgets it's own coding at random. Originally this was gonna have multiple varieties of characters using the base I made... that proved impossible due to a very... very... aggravating glitch.

(Animation Breakdown)
Spongebob Hit Or Miss

Due to some tragic circumstances (Me leaving my charger at home so I couldn't use my dead laptop in class) I was forced to use the school computers to do something productive. They were very limited and wouldn't let you install any programs so I couldn't work on any of my projects for in and out of school... so I opened the computer's version of Maya and went: "hmmm... let's animate something I guess???". I looked up a 3D rig of SpongeBob and asked the friends around me what I should animate. Someone said animate "Hit Or Miss" and I went B E T!!! I proceeded to spend 6 hours animating this horror. So now here we are.

(Animation) Ele.Os - Endcard

Thought it'd be cute to have a version of the end card where Ele.OS sings about subscribing.


Just to let y'all know Reboot Me wasn't gonna be the last time you'd hear her sing~!


Voice - Eleanor Forte of Synthesizer V!

I Chose To (Short Animation)

Y''know, that James Baxter scene from "Change Your Mind" really had me shook and even though I know I'm not at that level of animation skill yet I really wanted to try my hand at hand-drawn again! I also really love Lapis and wanted to make something about her. So I took the archived files from I Chose To and made a short little animation reflecting on the song's themes and how they apply to post "Change Your Mind" Lapis~!

Ele In A Suit.png
(DDLC Animation Meme) Kuttsuke Hattsuke Wonderland

Yo, Sgt. Frog is one of my favorite anime and I haven't done a DDLC video in a super long time, so I decided to mash them up in a brief animation meme based off of one of the shows EDs.

Introducing Memberships (Song/Animation/Announcement!!)

I had been working on this video for at least a month now?? YouTube gave me the membership feature and extremely ecstatic about that fact. Should make it easier for you guys, if you want to, to support me while ALSO making it easier for me to interact and update you guys--- since it's like... connected to the main place I post!

Fantasy Dixie (Animatic Preview Part 1)

Basically a 5 Minute preview of what's planned for the concept pilot of this IP I have in mind. Following our protagonist; Jake, Logan, Mikayla, Eoin, and Patrica; As they travel to what they call the Wishing Star.

Many of the in universe characters are direct references to real people at Dixie Hollins, but taken to a more fantasy/sci-fi extreme. The world works like a real life RPG and will be a comedic action series. Yet to figure out if it will be a Game, Comic, Show, or all of the above.

The Pastels (Pilot)

This is an animated short I worked for several months on at Dixie Hollins High School at The Academy of Entertainment Arts. It was entered in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. It won a Gold Key award in Film & Animation and I am glad to be able to present to you the product presented!

I did the art, voice acting, and music for this animation. If I were to ever do more with this IP, I plan to make the animation cleaner, get more voice actors for the characters, and maybe aim this towards a general audience.

Doki Doki Forever (Extended AMV)

One of the Doki Doki Literature Club fan animation tests I did before school went out. It's cute but it's more of a keyframe practice. And I guess typography practice... Built the puppets myself ^u^

Snipperclip'd (Animated Parody)

Snip Snip Snip. Mweehehehehe. I had been working on this animation for like 2 weeks, excluding the face the script was completed at least a week or two before that. I think it came out okay :D Hopefully I can make more time for even more animations. Don't know what the next one will be yet though... might be an original...

Contour Caper (Animatic Fight Scene Short)

I've never done a fight scene before... so when my teacher pressures me into completing an animatic over the weekend, I take the chance to try something new! The premise? The triangle guy (Islasholece) is trying to steal a diamond, but the "Heroic" blue rectangle (Rektangle) steps in to stop him. And so the fight ensues!

(Animation) Sayori Hits That Yeet

I learned the day I made this that an animation like this takes around 12 hours to make because I have 12 hours of footage of me animating this. Worth it.

Here's the Timelapse for it

The Show Shorts (Interviews)

The Show Shorts (Interviews) is a mini series based on the behind the scenes struggle of working on Dixie Hollin's High School and Academy Of Entertainment Art's: THE SHOW 2018  multimedia concert performance.

It's like the Office meets the high school hi-jinks of art students.

It was originally going to be a series of small promo shorts to promote the show, but because of time and such it ended up being 3 short episodes that make up a small comedic miniseries.


First Steven Universe based animation I had done for my channel! I created a flash puppet from traces of peridot from the show using puppet building techniques I learned from friends. I also had to recreate the background to the best of my ability and figure out how to animatee the sausage.


It was new territory for me then to cover these things in and art style mostly meant for traditional animation.


Collab animation I did with this one VA named Jennabun. She suggested the idea and I was all like "HECK YEAH LES DOO ITTT!!!". I had used one of my old puppets built from scratch and heavily edited it to make it look like Sonata from Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. I'm pretty sure I spent most of one week to complete everything. The backgrounds were from some talented deviantart vector artist and one of the meme photos from a person on tumblr, but anything with moving parts is definitly mine :D

LHD - Harriet Tubman

As a school project with my friends, We did a NHD project centered around Harriet Tubman, but I didn't want to be just a boring documentary. I believe in entertaining while educating. If you can remember a joke, you can remember it's context!

At first we had trouble organzing time to meet up and work on it, and some people just weren't able to work on it when we needed to and the project was a little rushed towards the end of production. Stressful... BUT THE CLASS LOVED IT!!!

Dunslonatin Day (Music Video)

In the on going exploration of an idea based around my friends and fictional stories, ranging from adventure to pure slife of life comedy, Dunslonatin Day was a product of that and my want to highlight friendship the day after Valentine's Day.


The puppets this time around was a mixture of symbols and ungrouped drawings. I learned some cool masking effects and made some backgrounds specifically for the video. One day I hope to make a sequal!

Beleive PMV (Clip)

Oh this project was gonna be stunning! I knew I had the ability and vision to make this video really shine! But, alas, school and other things got in the way, and the project files are all on a dead computer so... It's stuck in hell right now.


I used puppets built by a companion named Pheonix on Skype and build the backgrounds loosely off of backgrounds from the show when needed. I also wanted it to be dramatic so I animated in CinemaScope!

Together (PMV) (Clip)

Another project that would've been possible with more time and resources, but alas, this one was left stuck because the plug-ins needed were costly and I just couldn't raise that amount. But the highlight for me was the animation of the characters, showing off the character's personalities and (what was for me then) fluid motion.

Puppets by Pheonix who worked on JOTS (Journey of the Spark)

Gypsy Bard

It was for some 6th grade computers class project where we were doing animations... Everyone was working on these really... interesting products using POWERPOINT but there was a copy of flash on all the computers so I asked my teacher if I could use that instead.

DropSkeletonJapes (Drop Pop Candy Parody Animation)

Took me most spring break, I'm pretty sure. Someone released a parody of the Vocaloid song Drop Pop Candy using audio samples from the game UNDERTALE, so I took sometime and made a short music video to the first half of the song. This project almost fell into the abyss of uncompleted works but my subscribers inspired me to continue on!!

The Louise Animations

First off, I really love Bob's Burgers!!! Second off, I really love animating. So for the first one I took a really small clip from the show and began to animate it in my style... It got cut short for reason but it still came out looking pretty good!

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