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Reboot Me (Feat. Eleanor Forte) ||| Official Music Video

Because of a partnership with me and Skillshare, You can get a free 2 month Trial with Skillshare if you sign up with this link!:

THE REBOOT ME MUSIC VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE!!! I've probably been working on this animation/lyric video/original song for maybe a month or two now??? Hopefully it's worth it and you love it. I tried to sprinkle in a lot of detail in it. Like dates and times, specific programs and objects that give clues to some of the characters and their background. And even some foreshadowing????

This video was inspired by a mix of Hello World and Vocaloid. One day I might show some of the super early concepts, because it was verryyyy different when I started working on this!

Voice: Eleanor Forte from

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